40+ Quotes For Becoming A Strong Woman

Strong women are always around us. We have them in our family, they are our friends, coworkers, our service providers, and more. Sometimes their efforts and success are not visible due to the mentality and culture they live in. Following the traditional stereotypes, a lot of women are not observed as equal to men which impacts their self-esteem. Because of this, many women refrain from their success and often consider themselves not worthy. But the truth is quite opposite. Many examples show us that women belong to all professions and decision-making positions. Thus it is very important to empower women and to establish an environment for them to thrive. This can be done if we vocalize the women’s strength and abilities, together with examples that prove how women are equally worthy as men. In this regard, we bring you some of the most women empowerment quotes for becoming a strong woman. Also, these quotes by some of the most prominent artists showcase some of the most impactful features that strong women have. Keep reading and discover inspirational female quotes that reflect the strength of women all around the world.

Strong Woman Quotes

Quotes For Being A Strong Woman

It is not very easy to define what makes a woman strong. The strength we are talking about differs from person to person and variates in its forms. It can be anything from personality, passion for the work they do, energy, and devotion to doing things. Also, their strength can be seen in the way how they relate to life events, deal with difficulties, and treat others.

1. Being a strong woman is very important to me. But doing it all on my own is not.Reba McEntire

2. As a contemporary Indian woman who has been handling so many things, I think she can be a very strong woman, a very strong working woman. We need more and more working women in our country.Sonali Bendre

3. A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.Carly Simon

4. Being completely independent doesn’t make you a strong woman – it’s being strong enough to trust yourself in other people’s hands that takes guts.Emily V. Gordon

Lastly, Queen Latifah’s quote tells us about the limitations that society puts on strong women. She refers to herself as stating:

5. I am a strong woman with or without this other person, with or without this job, and with or without these tight pants.Queen Latifah

Throughout her life, she challenged the stereotypes. Queen Latifah also vocalized strong, powerful women throughout her creative work. She is a very famous public figure who very fast gained popularity. Besides being an amazing actress in many awarded shows, she channeled women in rap. She started a revolution of rap with street-smart feminism. Her signature hit, “Ladies First”, became a rap feminist anthem and manifesto.

6. People make me out to be this super strong woman, but I have my tough days just like anyone else.Rosie Perez

7. Sometimes I wake up and think I look horrible. And sometimes I see a strong woman.Irina Shayk

8. You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman.Mary Elizabeth Winstead

9. It is true what they say, that in a difficult hour, women are stronger than men.Sergey Lukyanenko

10. Only a happy woman in this world is really strong.Olga Valyaeva

11. A man for whom a strong woman is a threat is not a man at all.Trisha Levenseller

12. I hate the stereotype that women who fight are ‘butch’ or ‘wannabe men.’ It’s nice to be able to embrace being a beautiful, strong woman.Miesha Tate

13. I think it takes a strong man to be in a relationship with a strong woman. A lot of people hear the word ‘diva’ and think of it as a negative. I see it as a positive. I want somebody who knows what they want out of life and isn’t afraid to show it.Nick Cannon

14. I like to go out there looking like a strong woman because I am strong. But I am also a woman who goes through all kinds of problems and highs and lows.Katy Perry

15. The essence of my work, and of me, is the softer side of a strong woman, and that goes into a number of different roles.Dee Wallace

Quotes for Becoming A Strong Woman

It is quite difficult to define a good quote for strong women. I would dare to say impossible. This is especially because each of the quotes tells a unique story.

As an example of that, Kimberly Guilfoyle used her own experience when she said:

16. I come from a strong woman who believed – and my father believed – that anything a man could do, a woman could do better.Kimberly Guilfoyle

She is a great example of a strong independent woman. During her career, she fought the stereotypes as she become a successful prosecution lawyer. Later on, she felt the urge to change the perception of women as she took part in the Administration of the US President. Kimberly represents a role model for all strong women who took their destiny into their own hands and became the main character in her story.

17. I feel like a good mom. I’m a strong woman now… Don’t look down on me. Pray for me because I’m trying.Fantasia Barrino

18. Rule number one in negotiating anything with Missy is never to try and run me over. Never push me, because I am a very strong woman. I’m nice, but I’m very strong. When it gets down gritty, I can get grittier. Never, ever underestimate me.Missy Elliott

19. I’ve always loved Jennifer Lopez, and I think, as an entertainer, she is a great example of a strong woman that is also very levelheaded and cool and produces her own content.Christina Milian

20. I’ve always been more in control of my professional life than my personal life. Although I’m a strong woman when I fall in love I just give myself 100 percent. I become secondary.Maria Conchita Alonso

21. Strong women need a strong man beside whom they can afford to be weak.Kira Strelnikova

22. We still think of the strong man as a born leader and the strong woman as an anomaly.Margaret Atwood

It is very suitable to mention an inspiring quote by Margaret Atwood. She is a world-famous writer that uses topics of gender and identity through fiction. She takes inspiration from the modern world to tell a story in a more impactful way. One of her most famous books the Handmaid’s Tale showcases strong women surviving in a man-led world. She used her characters to improve female presence in the public sphere. More importantly, she used her books to spark a discussion on different matters that occur to women and that are usually overseen. To better grasp her advocacy for women’s rights it is best to read her works.

23. A woman is strong for what she is.Oswald Spengler

Therefore defining strength as a unified concept in this regard is pointless. It is more important to share inspiring stories about that strength and to discuss how it takes different forms. In this way, we can also use inspirational quotes. A great example of a quote that captures the overall essence of strength in women comes from Eleanor Roosevelt who said:

24. “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is a pioneer of women’s rights. As a former first lady of the United States of America, she has been advocating for women’s rights within the White House. More importantly, she was considered one of the most powerful women of her time. She took part in the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was especially significant for the inclusion of women’s rights. She knew how to be a strong woman especially if the circumstances of her life make this journey a great challenge.

25. I believe in strong women. I believe in a woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in a woman who doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don’t play the victim, you don’t make yourself look pitiful, and you don’t point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart. C. JoyBell C.

This lack of representation caused women to fight and start to grab as much public space as possible. To grasp this transformation Luisa May Alcott nicely defined that:

26. The emerging woman … will be strong-minded, strong-hearted, strong-souled, and strong-bodied…strength and beauty must go together.Louisa May Alcott

The Little Women, her most prized piece of writing helped to bring back women-dominated stories on the screen. Her writing introduced readers to intelligent, powerful female heroes. Also, the literary style she uses had a significant effect on American literature as a result.

Amari Soul’s quote very nicely stands as a testimony of strong women. All of us can easily notice similar elements in any strong woman around us. He is predominantly a writer who seeks to elaborate on male and female relations. This especially refers to speaking about women who are strong and loved. He said:

27. A strong woman with a beautiful smile is attractive, but a strong woman with a beautiful mind is addictiveAmari Soul

28. A strong woman is a woman who craves love like oxygen or she turns blue choking. A strong woman is a woman who loves strongly and weeps strongly and is strongly terrified and has strong needs. A strong woman is strong in words, in action, in connection, in feeling; she is not strong as a stone but as a wolf suckling her young. Strength is not in her, but she enacts it as the wind fills a sail.Marge Piercy

Following this pattern, a great quote from Jodie Whittaker another inspirational woman can be used in this context as well. Referring to her iconic role as the first female doctor she mentioned:

29. You don’t read many scripts, especially for crime dramas, that feature a strong woman as the central character.Jodie Whittaker

Jodie is often very vocal about her work in a male-dominated world and speaks about the importance of validation and support. She especially mentioned how after taking a brave step and accepting a revolutionary role she felt empowered. She added that this was especially meaningful to her because she believed that she leads the change. Slowly the entertainment industry is considering the representation of women and broadcasting them as leads.

Quotes For Inspiring A Strong Woman

Speaking about history, it has been proven that inspiration can be found all around us. Therefore, women most often include the environment they live in in the work they do. Using personal examples, through centuries women have tried to change the course of their life and feel empowered to do so.

This is not easy, and many women struggle to find inspiration within themselves. Therefore, self-love and self-esteem are the keys. As Alexander Dumas stated a long time ago:

30. A woman is only truly strong when love and self-interest act in her with equal force. Alexander Dumas

This famous novel author sets women as the central character of his work. Love and strength are often characteristics of Duma’s female character. His heroes, therefore, have inspired many women around the world.

31. I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.John Steinbeck

Speaking of love, John Steinbeck, a Nobel-awarded writer spoke about his belief regarding women. He often used love as a symbol in his writings, but also in his public appearances glorifying the strength of his wife and her impact on him. According to Duma and Steinbeck women who are loving are strong.  They reflect on their surroundings and inspire others. Their appearance is not the key weapon as many believe, which is often why strong women are overseen.

32. We must stop appreciating women’s power as the symbol of male bigotry. A woman is a woman, a strong, powerful brave lady a very much human. If you appreciate a women’s power or her courage by the symbol of man’s bigotry, then it’s an insult to her very own power.Mohammed Zaki Ansari

33. Women are fierce. They are powerful. No matter what language they speak, how they dress, or the work they choose to do. What matters is they have a choice, and the freedom to carve out a life for themselves. As long as we know women who are strong and resilient, we must respect them, carry them forward, and lift them up. For they are the product of all our other selves, the women we were, the ones we strive to be, the collective struggle of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. Our salvation will only come if we stand together.Lang Leav

34. I’m proud of my curves, my daughter, as well as the harsh past that helped shape me into the strong woman I am today.La’Porsha Renae

35. You know, there’s nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, and mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. It’s kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen.Ginger Rogers

36. I like to play a strong woman, but a strong woman can also be very fragile and vulnerable at the same time.Carice van Houten

37. I think God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men. I’ve always felt this way because my mother was a very strong woman, without a husband.Little Richard

38. Women watch and say, ‘I like watching you control your own space. It’s motivated me to do better, to go back to college, to even try law school. My daughter’s been watching you since she was 10 – I love the fact that she’s watching a strong woman who’s in control.’ All of those things are good, positive things.Judy Sheindlin

39. A man should help a woman to be weak, she can be strong without him.Unknown

40. Why can’t we be quiet and strong, why can’t we be innocent and sweet and still be a force to be reckoned with? Why can’t we be who we are without becoming a constant storm?K. Weikel

41. It is good for women to see how much a woman can endure.Haley Shapley

42. I’ve always been more in control of my professional life than my personal life. Although I’m a strong woman when I fall in love I just give myself 100 percent. I become secondary.Maria Conchita Alonso

Final Message To A Strong Woman

It is not easy or simple to define strong women. But to inspire her it takes only one quote. Therefore, it is very beautiful to observe female solidarity especially when shared publicly. This helps women gain their self-esteem and feel empowered. The rest of their journey will be magical.

Thus the best way to finalize this blog is to use a quote from a world-famous performer Lady Gaga. She has been, in her way an epiphany of strength and an inspiration for women and men around the world. Through her music and performance, she showed that a strong woman does not need to fit in society and to ask respect the boundaries. Instead, as she said:

43. If you’re a strong woman, you don’t need permission.Lady Gaga

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