About Me

If you landed on my page, we have, definitely one thing in common – we believe that words are powerful. The right words at the right moment can make you feel better, heal your traumas, and even change your life.

Here is my story. I was born in Yakutia, the coldest inhabited region in the world. Living under extreme climate conditions, historically and economically colonized by the Russian government, most residents are not aware of the importance of mental health – the main goal is to survive. I was not used to talking about my feelings too, even within my family. So I started intuitively looking for some answers to my questions in books. I´ve read many books, and my favorite ones were autobiographies of some famous people. I was curious about how those people think, what kind of problems they face and how they overcome them. Further, the people I met on my life path taught me a lot and formed the way I am today.

With time I understood that success and happiness are very relative. Everyone has their background, life goals, and definition of success and happiness. That is why I will collect for you on my website not only quotes from well-known historical figures and celebrities but also inspiring words from people around us.

Good luck on your journey,

Lena, the founder of Inspobook.com