45+ Move On Quotes After Breakup

True love is never a sham. It still exists. Irrespective of what the world says and the bad news everywhere, you can still find love. Some people are lucky to find the love of their lives on the first try. But for some of us, it just doesn’t work that way. Even after we hope to have found the love of our lives, breakups still happen. And we have to try again. Thousands of marriages that have stood for years, unfortunately still go through a divorce. If you have gone through a breakup or are going through one, read these empowering quotes after break up.

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Short Move-On Quotes To Empower You After A Breakup

1. Don’t wait. If it’s not right, move on. Andy Lau

2. Every loss I take, I’ve accepted, and I move on. – Mark Hunt

3. I do not worry about the past. I move on.Anu Malik

4. We all make mistakes but one has to move on. Jeffrey Archer

5. Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on.Les Brown

6. Whatever happens, happens. Accept things and move on. Corey Johnson

7. Even when you’ve made mistakes in life, you can still contribute and pick up the stuff and move on. Paula Broadwell

8. I can’t really regret things; you just have to move on and live your life. Meghan McCain

9. We all should face some failures in life and learn from them. We should accept it and move on.- Yami Gautam

10. Most of the time, I never go back. I leave my brush mark and move on.Barbara Januszkiewicz

11. I really don’t hold grudges. I mean, I remember everything, but I move on.- Robert Kraft

How Do You Know When To Break Up With Someone?

Knowing when to break up is quite simple to figure out, but of course, it is easier said than done. Every relationship should have love and once there is no more love, it is best to just leave the relationship. Love isn’t just about the feelings of butterflies in your belly. Love is commitment, effort, loyalty, and mutual respect from both partners. It takes a lot more than feelings to make a relationship work. However, when you begin to notice consistent behaviors from your partner that are either harmful to your mental state, your body, or your life in general, it is a signal for you to get out of such a toxic relationship. Never mistake toxic obsession and manipulation for love.

12. I think about all my successes and failures, and sometimes the failures stick in my head as much as the wins. But I do move on.- Frank Lampard

13. I think that you never fall out of love with somebody, you just let go and move on.Ashley Rickards

14. Everyone is going to make bogeys and doubles and get bad breaks in bunkers. It’s just kind of licking your wounds and taking what it gives you and moving on. Graham DeLaet

15. I think that people should never be ashamed of wanting to move on with their lives and move on from their partners. I have a lot of girlfriends who were married in their early 20s and are now divorced because they basically grew apart – they evolved into another person in their 30s. Alanna Ubach

16. My parents divorced when I was very, very young, but they maintained an incredibly amicable relationship. They were great partners, they were great parents, and they were great friends throughout my whole life until I was about 25, at which point they realized that they could relinquish; they could call it and move on. Natalie Zea

The famous Odell Beckham Jr, popularly known as OBJ was right when he said:

17. Life stuff happens. You get knocked down, and you get back up. That’s just always been my mentality. I’m not really fazed by anything. It’s in the past. There’s nothing I can really do about it now. You learn from it, and you move on. Odell Beckham, Jr.

About the author: Odell Beckham Jr is a 30-year-old American footballer who was born in Louisiana, United States. He was named after his father, Odell Beckham Sr. He is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Lauren Wood and they have a child together. Did you know that Odell Beckham Jr’s parents were athletes too? His dad was a footballer in college too while his mother was a former award-winning college track athlete. And they used to take little Odell to their training classes. Now, that’s someone who has been exposed to the world of ups and downs ever since he was a kid.

18. My philosophy is to not be scared of anyone. If I play well, great; if I don’t, I learn from the match and move on. Saina Nehwal

19. Things happen. You just have to accept it and move on. I get that from my dad. He’s a really chilled character. Joseph Parker

20. Things move on in life, and I think you’ve really got to make the right decision in the situation that you’re in at that moment in time.- Danny Welbeck

21. To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.Dave Pelzer

22. Unfortunately, we are a society that does look down on divorce when, ironically, there are more single divorced people in the world right now. So, the fact of the matter is that it’s a reality, and more people should obviously embrace wanting to change, wanting to move on from a relationship that just no longer works for them. – Alanna Ubach

23. We live in a world where we just have to adapt. You can’t sit around and cry. You’ve got to get a move on, that’s the way the world is. Liz Cambage

Common Reasons For Breakups And A Major Mistake You Should Not Make

A breakup could be a result of long-distance, emotional blackmail, insecurities, cheating, physical abuse, unrealistic expectations towards a partner, or falling out of love. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that a breakup hurts. During a breakup, you might even be tempted to blame yourself for the failure of the relationship. Do not give in to it. Reflections are indeed necessary for all phases of life –you get to figure out what you can do to be better. However, it would be best if you never reflected and then feel responsible for the mistakes of your partner. Let each person take responsibility for their errors and work on them.

24. We need to realize that our path to transformation is through our mistakes. We’re meant to make mistakes, recognize them, and move on to become unlimited. Yehuda Berg

25. We will move forward, we will move upward, and yes, we will move onward. Dan Quayle

26. We’re never encouraged by the producers to ask questions in any way. The most important thing to be is authentic and to be yourself. If I feel someone has answered a question then I’ll move on. If I feel it’s important enough, I will pursue the question. Gavin Esler

27. We’re only here to love God and each other. I’m not saying I’ve never gotten angry at anyone. I do. But you’ve got to forgive and move on. Barbara Mandrell

28. We’ve all had relationships; I’ve had them in my past, and I don’t look back on them and think, ‘Ah, that was a mistake.’ I take what I learned and move on to the next one.Caroline Flack

29. You give everything; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always have to move on quickly.Jordan Henderson

About the author: Jordan Henderson is an English professional footballer who plays for Liverpool and the England national team. He was born in Sunderland, United Kingdom in 1990. Jordan met his wife during his early years in Sunderland in 2008 and they officially began dating 6 months after. They eventually got married in 2014 and they are blessed with 3 kids now. Coming from a footballer who has experienced lots of winning and losing, and has a good marriage, I think that we should listen to him.

30. What’s done is done. You’ve got to move on. I don’t want to say anything bad about the mother of my children. Peter Andre

31. What’s the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t do well I can put on my big girl panties, deal with it and move on.Halle Berry

32. You have to know what you did wrong, sure, but ask yourself: why? Improve it, and move on. You have to live with pressure.Lucas Vazquez

About the author: Lucas Vazquez is a Spanish professional footballer for Real Madrid and the Spain National team. He was born in 1991 in Curtis, Spain, and is 31 years old now. Lucas has a really sweet relationship with his wife which is evident offline and on social media. They started dating in 2013, got married in 2017, and have been together ever since. Sometime in 2020, Lucas had to step up his game to substitute a football player who had an injury. He was new at that position but worked so hard to master it and so he demanded a pay raise. Real Madrid refused him and Lucas was ready to move on to another club. But they eventually realized that they couldn’t afford to lose him because of his skills, so they paid and extended his contract.

33. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure – when something fails, you think, ‘What did I learn from that experience? I can do better next time.’ Then kill that project and move on to the next. Don’t get disappointed.Niklas Zennstrom

34. You start projecting hurt and pain onto yourself when you don’t find closure. Be honest with the situation and yourself, clean the wound, and move on. Jay Shetty

About the author: Jay Shetty was born in the United Kingdom and is of British Indian descent. He is an author, a motivational speaker, a social media sensation, and a former monk. He met a woman while he was still learning to be a monk. The woman liked how Jay handled his duties and thought that he could be good for her daughter. So, she gave her daughter’s number to him. However, Jay wasn’t interested in romance at the time, so he passed the number on to his sister, who became good friends with this new young lady. In no time, Jay Shetty and this lady met and fell in love. That was how Jay met the love of his life, Radhi Devlukia, and they have been married since 2016. Jay Shetty would be releasing his first official book on relationships in January, titled “8 rules of love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go.”

35. You have to move on with your life at some point. You don’t quit fighting, fighting quits you at some point. It’s very unfortunate, but that’s the nature of the beast. And that’s one of those things, too, that I like to tell young fighters. Have a backup plan.Forrest Griffin

36. Any relationship should have love, and if there is no love, it is better to call off a relationship. People say that love happens only once, but I don’t believe in it because for me if one relationship doesn’t work, you should move on and seek love in another relationship. Who knows; you might find love in the second relationship. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha is an Indian actress and a former model. She was born in 1979 in New Delhi, India. So, she is 43 years old now. She had been in previous relationships with stars, the longest and most popular one spanning nine years. Consequently, she has gone through strings of breakups before finally settling with Karan Singh Grover whom she married in 2016. If she didn’t give up on finding love after years of failed relationships, you shouldn’t too.

37. Actors have this amazing skill – we bond quite quickly but equally we move on quite quickly. There’s nothing particularly cold or capricious about it – we’re troubadours and lead a troubadour’s lifestyle. Natalie Dormer

38. As you get older, it’s good to open up and acknowledge that everybody has their scary moments, their negative moments. And in order to move on and find comfort and hope, you have to stop running from the darkness and face it. And when you face it, it’s not that scary at all, and sometimes it actually turns around and runs away.Dolores O’Riordan

39. At different times in life, I’ve felt like it’s time to say goodbye to some form of myself that’s been hanging around for a while – you just feel this urge to move on, like a herd of antelope. They’re just standing there in a field eating grass. You feel like that as a person sometimes. Where’s it just time to move on? Kevin Parker

How Do You Move On After A Breakup?

Feeling pain is a normal part of losing a relationship but it is imperative to know that dwelling on it for too long is wrong. The earlier you move on, the better it is for you. So, here comes the most tasking part of a breakup –moving forward. This is because it requires mental effort. Here are ways to keep living your life after a breakup:

  1. Do not lock up and close your heart to finding love somewhere else. It is a sign that you haven’t moved on yet.
  1. Reflect constructively on the previous relationship. Identify the root cause of the breakup and reevaluate yourself and your core values. Also, define your expectations in a new relationship.
  1. Channel your energy into being the best version of yourself to attract the best person for you. Love yourself first because it would be difficult to truly love other people when you don’t love yourself. Know your worth and carry yourself in high esteem.
  2. Build a support system around yourself. Having close friends that you can express yourself. And people who can help you whenever you’re drowning in anxiety or despair. Your support system could be a therapist too. Try not to handle it all alone.

40. Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on. Carrie Underwood

About the author: Carrie Underwood is an American country singer who rose to fame when she won American idol in 2005. She was born in 1983 in Oklahoma, United States. Carrie, interestingly had a long-distance relationship with her husband while they were dating, due to their busy careers. But it worked for them and she celebrated her 12th anniversary with her husband this year.

41. Be honest about how you approach failure. Don’t just be critical of yourself, because that can be self-serving. Approach it honestly, assess your performance, and assess the areas where you have fallen short. Correct them and move on. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t hold on to it. Megan Rapinoe

42. Do not wallow in your failure. Spend some time grieving, learn from it, and then move on. Constantly replaying what went wrong will not benefit you. Get involved in another company, another cause, another relationship.Julie Wainwright

43. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Make something simple a few times until you ‘master’ it and move on to the next thing. Take a cooking class! Buy a cookbook that specializes in foods or cuisine you enjoy.Alex Guarnaschelli

44. How do people move on after they’ve lost the love of their life? It’s a really interesting thing to look at. It happens to people every day: you see people… even in the worst, most war-torn places, people get up and continue with their lives. And it’s a fascinating thing about human nature. That ability to just continue on. Caitriona Balfe

45. I believe that life is short, and there is too much time wasted bearing grudges, and I like to move on. Sam Taylor-Johnson

46. I chose and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken; the choice was not. You have to move on.Stephen Sondheim

How Do You Get Over Someone You Just Broke Up With?

The process and aftermath of a breakup can be very traumatic for lots of people. Whether you ended the relationship by yourself or not, it doesn’t change the reality that you would be hurt. You have just gone from imagining your whole life with someone to becoming total strangers with them again. It is almost like the death of a loved one.

Here are strategies that help you to be strong for yourself(and/or your dependents) in a breakup:

  1. Never try to bottle up the pain that you feel. This is the first step to moving on from a failed relationship. You need to let out your pain and allow yourself to grieve. This is not to be considered a sign of weakness.
  2. Use coping mechanisms that work for you, to heal from the pain. People cope differently when going through a breakup. So, figure out or use one that has been effective for you in previous times.

Yours could be writing your heart out on your notepad or talking to a trusted friend or family or changing your environment for a while.

  1. Ensure that you get rid of everything that reminds you of them in your life. You do not want to keep picking at a wound that you’re trying to heal. It would take much longer to heal if you do that. This includes stalking them on social media.
  1. Live healthily and don’t go on a junk food-eating spree. Eat healthy food and exercise your body. Get enough rest, care for yourself and engage more in activities that you love. This is how you increase positive energy after a breakup.
  1. When you notice that your thoughts are drifting towards them, go for a walk or listen to music or do whatever distracts you.

How do you motivate someone who just had a breakup?

Even if you’ve never had a breakup, here are things you can do to help your loved one through a breakup phase:

  1. Never try to invalidate their feelings.
  2. Let them know that it is okay to not be okay.
  3. Assist them with activities and spend time cheering them up.
  4. Encourage them to reflect, learn from the lost relationship and move on.
  5. Be their support system if you can.

Whether you are seeking to encourage a friend going through a breakup or help yourself, it has to come from the heart. We could write a million tips and quotes to help you move on, but the will to move on must be solid and intentional. Do not dwell on ‘what could have been’ or try to ‘revenge’ on them for breaking your heart. Be truly willing to let go and accept that disappointments are inevitable in life.

And remember that if you find yourself falling through despair again, fall back to your support system and allow them to help with your weakness. More quotes that might help you to move on after a breakup you can find in another post “50+ Breakup Quotes To Get You Over A Heartbreak”.