90+ Work Hard Quotes

If you work a lot these work hard quotes are for you. Sometimes you might doubt whether it brings you where you want to be or not. All these authors have succeeded a lot in their lives and all of them say that they just worked hard. Everyone has their own life path but if you find a balance between working hard play hard you will achieve anything you want.

work hard quotes

Work Ethic Quotes

1. A big part of who I am is just the way I was raised. Nobody is better than anyone else, and if you really work hard, you might get lucky and get what you want.Martina McBride

2. Work hard; be ethical.Erika Christensen

3. A large demo of my fans are younger, and I try to be the best role model possible and tell them that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can create amazing work.Lele Pons

4. A lot of people ask what it takes to move from being a creative to a leader: Take everyone’s career personally. People will work hard for you if you work hard for them. Any idiot can be a boss; all you need is a title. But to be a leader, you need to earn respect and have an opinion you stand by.David Droga

5. I like blessing others around me. When you work hard, it’s just dope to give back to the people around you.Mike Will Made It

6. I think it’s important to always keep professional and surround yourself with good people, work hard, and be nice to everyone.Caroline Winberg

7. I never told my kids, ‘You’ve got to work hard.’ I just worked hard, and they followed my example.Maye Musk

8. My heroes are just everyday people who work hard, are honest, and have integrity.Jordin Sparks

9. A lot of athletes take legal creatine or protein powders or just different pills and supplements to be able to recover faster. And I don’t take anything, I work hard and that’s just what it is, I don’t take anything.Christian Coleman

10. Baltimore has the hardest work ethic out of all cities. It makes you want to work harder. – Unknown

11. A lot of people, once they become champions, relax, kind of sit in the position, and try to enjoy it. But I feel like everything I’ve ever worked for could be lost at any moment. I work harder and harder and harder, because I want to be farther ahead with every fight, and not worry about these girls catching up to me.Ronda Rousey

12. A lot of things are going to happen that you can’t necessarily control all the time, but you can control what you do after it happens. So that’s what I try to do, keep my head up, keep moving forward, stay positive and just work hard.Lonzo Ball

13. Caring makes you want to work harder.David Droga

14. A lot of times we’re being portrayed as thugs, but anyone who really knows us understands that we work hard, we diet hard, and the commitment is full on. But a lot of people don’t see that. Some of the nicest and most respectful people I’ve ever met are in this sport. I truly believe that, and there are a lot of fighters that live by that.Alexander Volkanovski

15. A mentor is someone with a willingness to help others, who has a capacity to inspire, a determination to work hard, a clear sense of vision, an inspiring purpose, a deep sense of integrity, and an appreciation for joy.Kerry Kennedy

16. As one of seven children, our family life was full of energy and fun – we all knew how to laugh and work hard.Dick Strawbridge

17. My father really told me, seriously, if you want something, you can have it, but you may have to work harder than anyone else around you.T. J. Miller

18. My parents said to us, practically on a daily basis, that we were as good as anyone else on this earth, and that we would simply have to work harder in order to show that.Jessye Norman

19. A player cannot rely only on his name to make a difference but also has to work hard and make things happen on the pitch.Dani Alves

20. After every fight, I knock myself down. I start from scratch again. I say, ‘I’m not as good as I thought.’ It makes you work harder. It makes you push harder. It’s more than money. It’s more than the title. It’s my pride, and it can be scary thinking about it. I could lose. It’s scary.Gerry Cooney

21. All I can do is work hard, prepare the players properly, and give them everything I’ve got and they give me everything they’ve got.Sean Dyche

22. All I do is work hard. Try and work on my bowling and keep improving every day. That’s the key to success at the international level and in tournaments like the IPL.Imran Tahir

23. All I’ve done is work hard to get better and better every single year to become the best catcher I can be.Yadier Molina

Woman Work Hard Quotes

24. As a mother, I work hard every day and I expect that work to be recognized and appreciated. Because I work for and with human beings, sometimes they’re grateful, and sometimes they aren’t.Margaret Heffernan

25. I love being a mom. I love singing. Why can’t you have both? A lot of people would say you can’t, but I think you can balance it; if you work hard, and you plan everything out properly, it works.Kyla Reid

26. Always work hard, be honest, and be proud of who you are.Patricia Velasquez

27. Always work hard. Intensity clarifies. It creates not only momentum but also the pressure you need to feel either friction or fulfillment.Marcus Buckingham

28. A mother’s got to be there to raise the children. That’s all there is to it. I feel bad for those mothers who work hard and can’t do it all the time.Eric Braeden

29. Anything is possible for anybody if they work hard enough.Kofi Kingston

30. Art or no Art, 2015 was already going to be the busiest year of my life. I’m not sure how I’ll make it all work yet but I’m feeling like a warrior and I’m prepared to work hard.Dawn O’Porter

31. As I had always said, it takes two people to work hard to create chemistry.Barun Sobti

32. As a young girl, I’m always going to have to work a bit harder to prove myself; that’s just reality. But having to work harder makes me feel like girls are stronger, too.Alessia Cara

33. As long as God blesses me in the morning to get up and work hard, I’m going to take advantage of it.Frank Gore

34. As long as you work hard, good things will come. I firmly believe that.Cesaro

35. Be on time, work hard every day, try to help your teammate, and look for the team first. If you do that, everybody’s gonna respect you.Jose Calderon

36. Be patient, work hard and consistently, have faith in your writing, and don’t be afraid to listen to constructive criticism.Jonathan Galassi

Hard Work Quotes

37. Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.Brad Henry

38. Do I see people working harder than me? I can’t imagine that but if I do it inspires me to work harder.Bill Duke

39. Don’t take it personally if you’re met with opposition. Work hard anyway.Yvonne Orji

40. Work hard, take care of yourself, and you’ll be just fine.Richard Simmons

41. Work hard. Laugh when you feel like crying. Keep an open mind, open eyes, and an open spirit.Rachael Ray

42. Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.Serena Williams

43. Follow what your head is telling you and work hard. That’s the big secret.Joel McHale

44. Always work hard and have fun in what you do because I think that’s when you’re more successful. You have to choose to do it.Simone Biles

45. Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.Donovan Bailey

46. For me, it is important to win titles and for that, I need to work hard, stay healthy and be able to compete. The rest, I always say, comes.Rafael Nadal

47. The formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.J. Paul Getty

48. Get your work in. Work hard at it. Give it your best effort. And if you get an opportunity, be ready for it. That’s respect for the game.Ryne Sandberg

49. Goal setting will never stop. I will continue to work hard and practice hard and see where things go.Zach Johnson

50. Hard work pays off – hard work beats talent any day, but if you’re talented and work hard, it’s hard to beat.Robert Griffin III

51. Honestly, I feel I am very skilled, I work hard.Cody Garbrandt

52. I always believe someone somewhere is working harder than me and that motivates me to work harder and give 100%.Sheryl Swoopes

53. I always believed in my ability. I just had to work hard and be patient and, yeah, at times it didn’t look likely. You need a wee stroke of luck but every chance I’ve been given, I’ve taken.Andrew Robertson

54. I always feel if I work hard, I can practice 100%, then the results will come. Whether it’s the first tournament or the third tournament, it’s going to come.Caroline Wozniacki

55. I always knew I had to work hard.Eric Cantona

56. I always make sure I work hard every day and give everything in the game, in training, and off the pitch, too.Emre Can

57. I always push myself to work harder and achieve more in life.Tulsi Kumar

58. I am prepared to work hard enough to win. It’s basically up to me.Jim Moran

59. I did not work hard in order to achieve more and to remain at the level of the player that I am and that I can be.Pablo Sandoval

60. I didn’t work hard to sit down and not work.Kevin Hart

61. I do my best to come in and work hard and let everything else take care of itself.Trevor Ariza

62. I do work hard, but I have a passion for work. That’s just who I am.Marillyn Hewson

63. I just aspire to be the best I can be. I want to work hard and set one goal at a time for myself.Bella Hadid

64. I just love to work hard.Patrick Swayze

65. I just really work hard on myself every day.Lisa Lampanelli

66. I know only one way: work hard.Roberto Mancini

67. I know that to write you have to have stories you want to tell. You have to keep your mind alive, and you have to work hard.Tracy Kidder

68. I learned that I had to be patient and I had to work hard even if the opportunities were not there. I just had to keep working to find them.Raul Jimenez

69. I like critical failures. It makes you work harder.Tony Todd

70. I like people who work hard.Emily Weiss

71. I like to work hard and see the results of my hard work.Erin Heatherton

72. I need to work hard and that is alright by me.Kolo Toure

Work Hard Play Hard Quotes

73. I like to work hard and play hard.Alan J. Dixon

74. In anything I do in life, I always want to work hard, and play hard and so I’m still drinking my wine, I’m still eating my McDonald’s on Sundays, but I am working hard through the week.Kaitlyn Bristowe

75. I realized that I have the ability to play at the highest level and started to work harder.Shikhar Dhawan

76. I think obviously we need to work harder at extending the women’s movement. How do women who have prepared for careers and have a child get back to the workplace and still fulfill maternal roles?Tom Brokaw

77. I think that’s what helped us: confidence, respect, the desire to work hard.Ed O’Brien

78. I pray and I work hard – literally, that’s it.Latto

79. Dream big work hard.Sheryl Swoopes

80. Nothing will land on your lap, you need to work hard and fight for your dreams.Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

81. People want to be part of something that’s bigger than themselves. It’s motivating. It helps all of us to work harder.Paul Jacobs

82. The future will be good for those who work hard and sharpen their skills.Sunny Singh

83. There’s no secret. Just work hard.Lucio Tan

84. There’s only one growth strategy: work hard.William Hague

85. When I was in my 20s, I learned not only how to work hard but about the importance of focus.Dara Khosrowshahi

86. When you have a passion for something then you tend not only to be better at it, but you work harder at it too.Vera Wang

87. Work hard at what you do, no matter what it is. Go out there and find your passion and make a difference.Kyle Carpenter

88. Work hard, never stop, and do anything.Glenn Gronkowski

89. Work hard, no matter how much recognition you get.Sophia Amoruso

90. You can change my mind, but you gotta work harder at it.Doris Roberts

91. You can find yourself doubting yourself. But that’s when you need to keep the faith and realize everything is going to be okay. You work hard in training and keep doing the things you’re good at.Dimitar Berbatov

92. You’ve got to work hard for your success and you’ve got to have a steady presence. That’s the secret.Kid Rock